Flint River Spinners and weavers

We are a guild of people who love to create crafts and cloths from plant and animal fibers . We spin yarn on spinning wheels and drop spindles, we weave on looms ranging from lap looms to large floor looms. We knit and crochet. We often wash and prepare our own wool for spinning, Often we can be found working in Cross Roads village on the week ends, dressed to the historical period of the mid 1800’s. we share and help each other inform people of our crafts and most of all have great fun. We welcome new membership you do not have to know the crafts just a desire to learn.



5 thoughts on “Flint River Spinners and weavers

  1. I spoke with Susan at Huckleberry RR last weekend and discussed her making me a pair of angora/wool mittens. I would like to know how to proceed from here to order the mittens.

    Bobbie Morgan

  2. Flint River S & W will be at Crossroads Village, Flint on May 30 & 31 to spin and have items the guild has made on display. Hope you can come!

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